Is Technology Good for Education? (Digital Futures) by Neil Selwyn

Is Technology Good for Education? (Digital Futures)

Book Title: Is Technology Good for Education? (Digital Futures)

Publisher: Polity

ISBN: 0745696473

Author: Neil Selwyn

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Neil Selwyn with Is Technology Good for Education? (Digital Futures)

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Digital technologies are a key feature of contemporary education. Schools, colleges and universities operate along high-tech lines, while alternate forms of online education have emerged to challenge the dominance of traditional institutions. According to many experts, the rapid digitization of education over the past ten years has undoubtedly been a ‘good thing’.

Is Technology Good For Education? offers a critical counterpoint to this received wisdom, challenging some of the central ways in which digital technology is presumed to be positively affecting education. Instead Neil Selwyn considers what is being lost as digital technologies become ever more integral to education provision and engagement. Crucially, he questions the values, agendas and interests that stand to gain most from the rise of digital education.

This concise, up-to-the-minute analysis concludes by considering alternate approaches that might be capable of rescuing and perhaps revitalizing the ideals of public education, while not denying the possibilities of digital technology altogether.