Learning to Speak SAT by Christopher Cho

Learning to Speak SAT

Book Title: Learning to Speak SAT

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1365691497

Author: Christopher Cho

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Christopher Cho with Learning to Speak SAT

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Doing well on the SAT should primarily be about how hard a student is willing to work. This idea is a foundation that Learning to Speak SAT was built upon. LTSS is every fact, pattern, and strategy worth knowing about the SAT. Contents of LTSS are subdivided into areas that "MUST" be memorized, areas that all students "SHOULD TRY" to memorize, and areas that some students "CHOOSE" to memorize. Therefore, a student who is targeting a set score can feel powerful knowing what he needs to know and knowing what he can afford to not stress over. A different student, who is trying to push to the highest possible score, has everything laid out to review and learn. Students that purchase a copy of LTSS also receive a weekly email that includes 10-15 practice questions to stay sharp (see page 13 of your book for instructions to subscribe).